H.F. Help No Kill Rescue Offers Many Volunteer Opportunities

FOSTER PROGRAM – This program offers both short term and longer term foster.

Perhaps you only want to spend a couple of hours with a dog or have a dog stay overnight. Our dogs would love to go
accompany you on a hike or a jog on the beach. This would be considered a short term foster and can be arranged.

The longer term foster offers a great opportunity to experience the love and companionship that our pups have to give.

TRANSPORT – We are in need of volunteers to go to the shelters to pick up dogs that we are able to save. Many of these
dogs are on the euthanasia list and some are just moments away from that fate.


– This committee coordinates the marketing and advertising aspect. We like to get the word out on
social medias like Facebook and Instagram. H.F. Help also has a newsletter and sends email blasts. If you like to write,
then you might like to help create articles for  magazines and/or the newspaper. We even have speaking engagements!

VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE - For those that like to create, organize and attend events.  Volunteer
to come out to walk, play with or bathe a dog.  Visitors make their tails wag with delight!
PLANNING COMMITTEE-  We are always looking to make things nice...so if you like to build, decorate, landscape this
committee is for you.

HISTORY COMMITTEE Researches the history of H.F. Help Rescue that was created by Wes and Mary Collins.  What a
story this is to tell about 2 amazing people and the dogs lives they have saved.

FOSTER/ADOPTION COMMITTEE – This committee reviews applications, calls references and does home visits for
those interested in fostering and adopting. They also do follow up phone calls to see how things are going with the foster
or adopted dog.

FUNDRAISING/EVENTS COMMITTEE – This committee researches different grants that are available
for us to apply for. Volunteers are needed to contact businesses and individuals for donations. This committee will also pick
up the donations if needed.

Email us at hfhelprescue@gmail.com if you would be interested in being part of the H.F. Help Family

                                                             Volunteering can be so rewarding!
Some photos to show how committed our volunteers are to the rescue dogs.  In the hot
summer of 2017, H.F. Help had to merge two of it's facilities.  New kennels and play areas
had to be built and an acre + fenced in.  All of our rescue pups live on the premises, with
a few in foster homes.  We rely solely on donations to help us improve and maintain the
facility.  We want our pups to live in a comfortable environment until they find their
forever homes.