H.F. Help No-Kill Rescue Volunteer Application

Welcome to H.F. Help Inc.

Please Read:

  •        I will remember that in my dealings with the public as a volunteer, I am representing H.F. Help Rescue, and that the public will    
        consider my actions as  a representation of H.F. Help Rescue as an organization.             
  •        I accept full responsibility for expenses incurred by myself as a volunteer.
  •        I will always remember that I represent a non- profit organization and cannot profit from any activity related to the organization.
  •        I understand that H.F. Help Rescue cannot guarantee or be held responsible for the health, behavior or temperament of any dog I      
        handle. I am aware that a dog may cause personal or property damage and I agree to keep pets in my care securely contained.
  •        I understand that it is my decision to volunteer for H.F. Help Rescue and I will not hold H.F. Help Rescue nor any of its members liable
        for any damage, injury or harm causes directly or indirectly through my volunteer activities   

Submitting a Volunteer Application signifies you have read and accept the conditions as stated above:
Your name:
Phone number:
Email Address
Emergency contact person
Emergency contact phone#
Have you ever been convicted of animal
cruelty or animal abuse?
Briefly tell us why you would like to
volunteer at H.F. Help No-Kill Rescue.
Please take a moment to tell us a little
more about yourself.
What are your interests?
What are your hobbies?
What kind of volunteer opportunities are
you interested in?
Home Visits
Fund raising
Clean Up/Renovations
Walking Bathing dogs
Fostering Adopting
We also have various committees that our volunteers can be part of if interested:

  • Prioritize tasks
  • Budgeting
  • Schedule tasks
  • Coordinate ongoing projects

Volunteers/Community Service
  • Qualify volunteers
  • Schedule community service applicants
  • Maintain community service and volunteer applications/sign off sheets

Foster/ Adoption
  • Receiving/ processing adoption and foster applications
  • Home visits
  • Foster logistics
  • Maintain adoption/foster records

  • Oversee all PR postings
  • Website
  • Newsletter/emails
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Photographer

  • Research history
  • Record growth of organization
  • Keep records

  • Solicit donations
  • Research and apply for grants
  • Research revenue streams
  • Schedule events
  • Schedule volunteers
  • Event locations

If you are interested in helping with one of these committees please comment below which Committees you would be interest in
and a Committee Chairperson will contact you.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the H.F. Help Team.